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AAOM President's Message

2022-2023 AAOM/ABOM Awards

2022 AAOM Abstract Award Winners 

Member Highlights

Poem to Dr. Rees

News from Schools

OraRad Study Investigators Publish Several Important Findings

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ADA Officially Recognizes Oral Medicine Definition

Oral Medicine: Oral Medicine is the specialty of dentistry responsible for the oral health care of medically complex patients and for the diagnosis and management of medically-related diseases, disorders and conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region.

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AAOM's Spring 2022 Newsletter

The Spring 2022 Newsletter contains messages from your AAOM President, a list of the 2022-2023 AAOM Officers, a Members Highlights, and more.

Message from the President

Nathaniel S. Treister

It is an incredible honor to assume the Presidency of the American Academy of Oral Medicine. As I noted in Memphis, the AAOM has been a central and critical element of my professional life since attending my first conference in Montreal as a resident. 

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2022–2023 AAOM/ABOM Officers, Diplomates and Fellows

AAOM Officers

President: Nathaniel Treister 
President-Elect: Vidya Sankar
Vice-President: Kentaro Ikeda
Secretary: Jaisri Thoppay
Treasurer: Sunday Akintoye
Assistant Treasurer: Arwa Farag
Assistant Secretary: Alessandro Villa
Past President 2020-2021: Eric Stoopler/Lauren Patton
Immediate Past President 2021-2022: Andres Pinto
Executive Director: Felicia D Kenan 

Congratulations to the New ABOM Diplomates

Wesley Sherrell
Alaa Bukhari
Mohammed Bindakhil
Dalal Alomar
Kamal Al-Eryani

2022-2023 AAOM/ABOM Awards

Congratulations to the many winners of our 2022-2023 AAOM/ABOM Awards.

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Congratulations to the following AAOM Abstract Award Winners 2022

 Lester Burkett Awards

“I am very grateful to the AAOM and members of the abstract committee for selecting myself and my co-investigators' project for the Lester Burket Memorial Award. Having been granted this award encourages me to pursue my research endeavors with goals of better understanding the diseases we diagnose and treat as well as optimizing patient care.”

More about the Winners

"The Maestro of Oral Medicine", written by Celeste M. Abraham in 2001 to Dr. Terry Rees

In 2001,Celeste M. Abraham wrote a poem to Dr. Terry Rees. Dr. Rees passed away in November of 2021 and was the former chair of the Department of Periodontics and Professor and Director of the Stomatology Center at the Texas A&M College of Dentistry in Dallas.

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 AAOM Membership and Member Highlights

Anwar Almuzaini

Anwar Almuzaini received the Dr. Jawad Behbehani award for best research article published in 2021. This award conferred by the Kuwait Division of the International Association for Dental Research was for her research titled “Hypoxia enhances basal autophagy of epithelial-derived ameloblastoma cells.” 

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News from the Schools 


UW Oral Medicine just celebrated 50 years as a department and was featured as the cover story/featured article in the UWSOD Alumni Association News.


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OraRad Study Investigators Publish Several Important Findings

A number of clinically relevant findings of the landmark OraRad study have been published recently. OraRad is a large multicenter prospective cohort study examining oral complications after radiation therapy (RT) for head and neck cancer.

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Photos from the 2022 AAOM Annual Meeting

The 2022 AAOM Annual Conference was a success and we would like to thank each and every one of you for attending. 

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 Save the Date for the 2022 AAOM Fall Meeting and the 2023 Annual Conference

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