World Workshop of Oral Medicine

WWOM VIII represents a culmination of the first seven Workshops conducted over the past 25 years. We learn from each successive Workshop, seek to refine our modelling, and improve the clarity and transparency of WWOM policy. It is critical that our Oral Medicine colleagues worldwide remain informed and have an opportunity to provide feedback and advice. To that end we include our mission statement, our goals, our organizational structure, and opportunities for participation in WWOM VIII in the sections I and II.  

The plans for WWOM VIII are proceeding well and are described in section III. This will provide a foundation for continued work leading into WWOM VIII (scheduled for May 2–3 2022 in Memphis, USA) and WWOM IX (2025, USA, city to be confirmed).

Thank you again for your interest and support. We very much look forward to the next steps leading to 2022.

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Oral Medicine Is Now an ADA-Recognized Dental Specialty

On March 2, the Board of the National Commission on Recognition of Dental Specialties and Certifying Boards voted in favor of specialty recognition of Oral Medicine. This makes Oral Medicine the 11th ADA recognized dental specialty.


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ADA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Center for Dentists

The ADA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Center for Dentists provides resources and guidance to help dentists navigate this unprecedented time for their practices, staff and patients.

Available to you:

  • Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit
  • SBA Loan Resources
  • Practice Resources
  • Webinars and Learning Opportunities
  • FAQ
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Members Get More

Membership with AAOM comes with a suite of benefits to help you further your education, widen your professional network, stay current on the latest oral medicine research, and keep you at the cutting edge of patient care. 

And, Oral Medicine is now the 11th ADA-recognized dental specialty.

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Save the Date for AAOM 2021

The AAOM 2021 Annual Conference is scheduled to be held Tuesday, April 13 – Saturday, April 17, at the Hyatt Regency Seattle. We hope to see you there!

The American Academy of Oral Medicine (AAOM): Representing the Discipline of Oral Medicine


Oral Medicine is the specialty of dentistry responsible for the oral health care of medically complex patients and for the diagnosis and management of medically-related diseases, disorders and conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region. Our members care for thousands of patients whose underlying medical condition affect oral health and delivery of dental care. We advocate for optimal oral health and healthcare for everyone with medical illness.

Founded in 1945, AAOM offers credentialing, resources and professional community for oral medicine practitioners. Our membership provides care to thousands. We also offer resources - including our DoctorFinder feature - to help the public take advantage of this uniquely qualified specialty. Learn more about our Oral Medicine Experts.

AAOM is proud to partner with the following organizations:

American Board of Oral Medicine European Association of Oral Medicine The Oral Cancer Foundation

Practitioner Resources

 The American Academy of Oral Medicine promotes excellence in the management of oral health, with a special emphasis on the medically complex patient. We invite all healthcare providers to join the Academy, participate in our community and receive the benefits of membership.

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Member Highlight - Katherine France, DMD, MBE

What drew me to dental school initially was the intellectual challenge of treating each patient to the best of my abilities, constantly mindful of their personal, medical, social, and ...

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