Board of Trustees

AAOM's Board of Trustees sets the Academy's strategic directions and provides oversight to see that the organization's goals are met. Many Board members are also committee chairs who participate actively in the accomplishments of the Academy's programs. Below are the BOT members through 2024.

Executive Committee                  

  • Dr. Kentaro Ikeda, President
  • Dr. Jaisri Thoppay, President-Elect
  • Dr. Sunday Akintoye, Vice President
  • Dr. Allessandro Villa, Secretary
  • Dr. Arwa Farag, Treasurer
  • Dr. Herve Sroussi, Assistant Secretary
  • Dr. Juan Bugueno, Assistant Treasurer
  • Dr. Elliott Smith, Auxiliary President
  • Dr. Vidya Sankar, Immediate Past-President 2023-2024
  • Dr. Nathaniel Treister, Past-President 2022-2023

Committee Chairs * 

  • Academic Fellowship Committee: Adeptian Owosho and Elizabeth Kapral 
  • Academic Affiliate Fellowship Subcommittee: Nancy Burkhart and Michelle Baxter
  • Abstract Committee: Tiffany Tavares and Lara Napodano
  • Constitution & Bylaws Committee: Martin Greenberg
  • Graduate Awards Committee: Mahnaz Fatazadeh
  • Past Presidents Committee: Robert Eskow and John Robinson
  • Procedures and Protocol Subcommittee: Martin Tyler
  • Promotions Committee: Jaisri Thoppay
  • Publications Committee: Juan Bugueno and Milda Chmieliauskaite
  • Organization of Teachers of Oral Diagnosis Committee: Sonal Shah
  • Education Committee Scientific Sessions Subcommittee: Arwa Farag and David Dean
  • Education Committee Abstracts and Participation Programs Subcommittee: Tiffany Tavares and Lara Napodano
  • Ethics and Discipline Committee: Nelson Rhodus
  • Budget and Finance Committee: Sunday Akintoye
  • Nominating Committee: Andres Pinto
  • Membership Committee: Katherine France
  • Research Committee: Herve Sroussi
  • National Meeting Committee: Craig Hatch and Mike Huber
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Ken Ikeda
  • Honorary Fellowship and Awards Committee: Vidya Sankar
  • Program Directors Committee: Piam Vacharotayangul

*We have listed committee chairs and some co-chairs. Committees are only represented by one Committee Chair on the Board of Trustees except for the Past President's Committee who have two representatives.