AAOM Membership Categories

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Membership with AAOM comes with a suite of benefits to help you further your education, widen your professional network, stay current on the latest oral medicine research, and keep you at the cutting edge of patient care. And, Oral Medicine is now the 11th ADA-recognized dental specialty.

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* Please note that all applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee. Membership is not automatically granted upon completion of the application. 

 Membership Dues are voluntary and non-refundable.

Regular Member - $400 Annually

Regular Membership
in AAOM is open to graduated dentists who have shown special interest or accomplishment in oral medicine. Benefits include a subscription to our journal, OOOO (online subscription for international members), a listing in our online Doctor Finder feature, periodic newsletters, discounts on registration to Annual Meeting and other educational presentations. Regular members are also eligible to participate in the AAOM Mentorship Program.

Affiliate Member - $145 Annually

Affiliate Membership is a non-dentist holding a doctoral degree or a professional degree in dental hygiene or any other related healthcare discipline. These individuals are typically involved in teaching, research or practice in oral medicine and not otherwise eligible for another category of membership.

Benefits include a subscription to our journal, OOOO (online subscription for international members), a listing in our online Doctor Finder feature, periodic newsletters, discounts on registration to Annual Meeting and other educational presentations. Affiliate members are also eligible to participate in the AAOM Mentorship Program.

Student Member - $30 Annually

Student members receive discounted registration rates for our Annual Meeting and other events, periodic newsletters and updates in the field and networking with leaders and top researchers in the field of Oral Medicine. (Students are those currently enrolled in a dental or medical school accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) or the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) or other appropriate accrediting agency with equivalent standards.)



Special Membership Categories

Associate Graduate Member

Associate Graduate membership applies to recipients of the Certificate of Merit award. These awards are determined by the Graduate Award Committee. A single student is selected from the graduating class at a recognized Dental/Oral Medicine program by the faculty. This membership is an award and therefore, given freely to the recipient. The membership is good for two years.

Associate Resident Member

Associate Resident members are incoming residents of Oral Medicine programs. 

Auxiliary Member

The Auxiliary of the American Academy of Oral Medicine is open to spouses or partners of Academy members. The Auxiliary promotes public relations for the Academy and provides support for student aid, scholarships and awards. The Auxiliary meets concurrently with the Academy during AAOM's Annual Meeting. Benefits include discounts on registration to that meeting as well as other educational and social presentations. Please contact the AAOM office to apply for your Auxiliary membership. Annual dues are $40.

Retired Member

Retired members are members who have been in good standing of this Academy for at least 20 years, but who are no longer practicing. Dues for retired members are 1/2 price of Regular membership, $200 annually. Members interested in becoming Retired Members should contact the AAOM office.

Life Member

Life Members are members who have been in good standing of this Academy and been members for 25 years or more and have reached the age of 65. Life Members receive all Regular member benefits except for the OOOO Journal. For those Life Members who wish to continue to receive the OOOO Journal there is an annual subscription fee. Eligible members should contact the AAOM office.

 AAOM Member Stories

"At the time of my graduation from Harvard (1960), I received the AAOM Award which included a subscription to the OOOO Journal. As my career progressed, I became board certified in oral medicine and oral and maxillofacial pathology. During my 50 years teaching in Buffalo and in Israel, I continued to publish in the successor journals. I am now retired as Professor Emeritus on Oral Diagnostic Sciences at SUNY Buffalo and Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem."

— Stuart L. Fischman, D.M.D.
Visiting Professor, Hebrew University Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine

"To be a member of AAOM is my greatest honour. It feels like being a part of a great big family of unique specialists who really do love their work. When I have the opportunity to be a participant of any meetings organized by AAOM, I know that the information I get will be based on the best evidence. I deeply respect how AAOM is able to combat the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is very inspiring for me that members of AAOM cooperate together and despite the current exhausting situation are able to provide the best online meetings! I am glad to be a part of such amazing organization and hope to be able to much more participate in AAOM in the near future."

— Markéta Janovská, MD
Institute of Dental Medicine, Department of Oral Medicine, Charles University, Prague