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Spring 2020 Newsletter: AAOM General Assembly Meeting and Board of Trustees Announcement

As you know, AAOM was forced to cancel the 2020 AAOM Annual Conference, which included the General Assembly meeting, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order for AAOM to maintain continuous leadership during these difficult times, the AAOM Board of Trustees met on May 27, 2020 and approved holding in place the current AAOM officers until 2021. This includes all AAOM Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs whose terms will be extended to 2021 as needed. Additionally, the “Presidents” of AAOM, which includes the current President, President-Elect, and Past President, will be working together over the next year to ensure leadership continuity and that Academy business continues uninterrupted. AAOM’s Executive Committee and Board of Trustees will continue to meet, as scheduled, until the next General Assembly meeting.

The AAOM 2020 Awards Slate, that was approved by AAOM membership during the May 2019 General Assembly, will be conferred at the 2021 President’s Awards Banquet which will be held during the 2021 AAOM Annual Conference.

We would also like to advise that the next AAOM General Assembly meeting is scheduled for April 2021. The slate of officers, with terms beginning April 2021 and the 2022 AAOM Awards Nominees, will be presented at this General Assembly meeting for membership approval. AAOM members will receive formal notice of the exact date prior to March 2021.

Thank you for supporting AAOM times and we wish you health and well-being.

AAOM Slate of Officers through 2021

  • Lauren Patton, President
  • Andres Pinto, President-Elect
  • Nathanial Treister, Vice President
  • Vidya Sankar, Secretary
  • Ken Ikeda, Treasurer
  • Sunday Akintoye, Assistant Treasurer
  • Eric Stoopler, Immediate Past-President
  • Miriam Robbins, Past-President

AAOM Award Slate to be Conferred 2021

Diamond Pin Award

  • Dr. Miriam Robbins

Samuel Charles Miller Award

  • Dr. Cesar Migliorati

Herschfus Memorial Award

  • Dr. Andres Pinto

Honorary Fellowship

  • Dr. Nelson Rhodus
  • Dr. Craig Miller

Certificate of Merit Award

  • Dr. Arwa Farag, for her work related to AAOM Scientific Sessions Committee
  • Dr. Kentaro Ikeda and Dr. Bhavik Desai, for their work related to the AAOM Scientific Sessions Abstracts Committee
  • Dr. Alessandro Villa and Dr. Nathanial Treister, for their work related to organizing scientific session and co-hosting the Fall 2018 AAOM meeting in Boston Oral Oncology Fundamentals: Oral Health and the Oncology Patient