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Spring 2019 Newsletter: News from Schools

California | Pennsylvania | West Virginia | Washington

University of California San Francisco, School of Dentistry

On June 25, 2019, a reception was offered to celebrate the naming of the Sol Silverman Oral Medicine Clinic at UCSF.

“The UCSF Sol Silverman Oral Medicine Clinic provides world-renowned expertise in the diagnosis and management of oral diseases. Our specialists care for patients with oral cancer and precancerous lesions, inflammatory mucocutaneous diseases, burning mouth syndrome, oral infectious diseases and HIV-related oral diseases.”

Caroline H. Shiboski, DDS, MPH, PhD

University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

Program Director Oral Medicine Program: Dr. Takako I. Tanaka

Department Chairman: Dr. Thomas P. Sollecito 

Upcoming events:

2020 AAOM Fall meeting/Symposium at PENN Oral Medicine

Outgoing residents:

Four graduates in 2019

From L to R: Mohammed Bindakhil, BDS, Ahmed Alqahtani, BDS, MS, Scarlet Charmelo Silva, DDS, and Wesley Sherrell, DDS

Four new incoming residents: 

  • Ayman Alaraik, BDS.
  • Bilal Al Masri, BDS.
  • Waleed Alamoudi, BDS.
  • Roopali Kulkarni, DMD.


Dr. Temitope Omolehinwa, Assistant Professor

More announcements:

Penn Oral Medicine Alumni Dinner held at 2019 AAOM annual meeting at New Orleans  

New faculty of the department of Oral Medicine:

Dr. Patricia Corby
Associate Dean of Translational Research
Associate Professor of Oral Medicine

Dr. Eugene KO
Assistant Professor of Clinical Oral Medicine

Dr. Katherine France
Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine

Congratulations to the:

New ABOM diplomate: Dr. David Ojeda (GD17)

New AAOM fellowship: 

Dr. Radwan-Woch, Agnieszka

Clinical trial:

Dr. Patricia Corby: ARMOR trial

Dr. Thomas Sollecito: intra-oral treatment of OLP with Rivelin®-CLO Patches

Appointments in national organizations:

Dr. Sunday Akintoye
Assistant Treasurer of the AAOM Executive committee

Dr. Takako Tanaka
Chair of the AAOM Program Director Committee
Chair of the ADEA section of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Anesthesiology, and Hospital Administration 

Career information:

Thomas P. Sollecito One Health Fellowship

L to R: Drs. Sunday Akintoye, Arthur Kuperstein, Patricia Corby, Thomas Berardi, Geetha Srinivasan, Eric Stoopler, Takako Tanaka, Temitope Omolehinwa, Muralidhar Mupparapu, Eugene Ko, Thomas Sollecito, Katherine France, Adeyinka Dayo and Martin Greenberg

West Virginia University School of Dentistry

Department of Diagnostic Sciences
1 Medical Center Drive
Morgantown, WV 26506

WVU dental school instrumental in cancer diagnosis and care

With a nationwide increase in the prevalence of HPV and the high rate of tobacco use in our state (both of which are linked to oral cancer), West Virginia ranks fourth in the nation in cases of cancers of the mouth and throat. In fact, the American Cancer Society estimates 370 new oral and oropharyngeal cancer cases will be diagnosed in West Virginia in 2019.

At the West Virginia University School of Dentistry, the Department of Diagnostic Sciences has developed a team of specialists aimed at raising awareness about oral cancer. The efforts include educating the public about the causes of oral cancer while promoting prevention and regular oral exams.  In addition, the team maintains an active biopsy service staffed by pathologists trained specifically in the diagnosis of tumors of the mouth.

Juan Bugueno, DDS, MS, Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Medicine (ABOM), is the newest member to join the diagnostic sciences department at the dental school. He was hired as an assistant professor in May 2019.  He joins oral and maxillofacial pathologists, Jerry Bouquot, DDS, MSD and Hiba Qari, BDS, MSD, and the interim chair of the diagnostic sciences department, Steven Whitaker, DDS.

Part of the appeal of coming to West Virginia’s only dental school was the opportunity to work with colleagues in oral and maxillofacial surgery and otolaryngology. The staff members are skilled clinicians in examination of the mouth and jaws for abnormalities.

“This institution has a well-established reputation for innovative leadership in dental education and research programs,” said Bugueno. “I will certainly have the opportunity to further develop my didactic as well as clinical skills in oral medicine and collaborate, in an interdisciplinary fashion, with the training of our future oral healthcare providers.”

The four members of the diagnostic sciences department are all residency trained, board certified experts in the fields of oral and maxillofacial pathology or oral medicine.

“We are very fortunate in that all of our faculty are board certified, having completed residency training at world renowned programs. Each has continued their education through fellowships and in some cases additional specialties,” said Whitaker. “Whether in the lab, clinic or classroom, these experiences add a degree of expertise that is unique among departments across the nation.”

As the dental school’s team strengthens so does its collaboration with WVU Medicine’s services, including the Cancer Center, Pain Center and Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery.

“The department received a significant boost with the addition of Dr. Bugueno who is the first oral medicine trained clinician to join the faculty at WVU. Dr. Bugueno’s expertise sits at the intersection between dentistry and medicine and will be an integral part of Dean Anthony “Tom” Borgia's vision to reach out to the greater medical community,” added Whitaker.

Bugueno’s skills perfectly complement the dental school’s mission to focus on the overall health of a patient in addition to their oral health.

Bugueno can not only diagnose but also treat oral diseases and manifestations of medication induced oral complications. Chemotherapy is used to treat approximately 70 percent of cancer patients. Of these patients, about 40 percent develop oral manifestations, including mucositis and xerostomia. Bugueno’s training and clinical experience allows him to collaborate with the care of those patients and alleviate the side effects that come with cancer therapies.

About Our Experts

Whitaker, an oral and maxillofacial pathologist, is also an endodontic specialist and recently completed a fellowship program in forensic odontology at the University of Tennessee Medical Center.
Bouquot’s extensive research in oral and maxillofacial pathology has provided him the opportunity to name more than three dozen new oral diseases. He is considered a world expert in the study of smokeless tobacco. He is co-author of the most widely read textbook in oral and maxillofacial pathology. To date, he has authored or co-authored seven texts. 
Qari has been actively involved in research involving tumors of the jaws and soft tissues, inflammation of the bone, and oral mucosal disorders such as lichen planus. She is director of the dental school’s biopsy service.
Bugueno, a Chilean educated dentist, with oral surgery and oral medicine training, has researched and written about oral mucosal lesions, infections of the teeth and jaws, and medically complex patients. He received his oral medicine training at the University of Pennsylvania as well as his Master of Science in Oral Biology and Geriatric Fellowship. He has worked extensively with the community, in the private area and in the academic field.

University of Washington School of Dentistry

 Graduate Program Director, Oral Medicine: Dr. David Dean

Outgoing/incoming residents:

  • Spring 2019 Grad – Dr. Ishraq Alshanqiti
  • Summer 2019 Grads – Drs. Jasmine Olson, Rashmi Mishra, and Jacqueline Wong
  • Incoming Residents – Drs. Fawaz Hatem, Gale Sebastian, and Jung Song

Awards of the Department/School:

  • Dr. Michael Martin’s research paper on GRIN2A and GRIN2B polymorphisms and lead exposure in children received the “2018 Most Impactful Research Award” from the NIEHS-sponsored Center for Exposures, Diseases, Genomics & Environment (EDGE Center) at the University of Washington
  • Dr. Doris Stiefel – 2019 Dean’s Club Honorary Lifetime Member (Dean’s Club’s highest Honor).
  • Dr. Mark Drangsholt - University of Washington 2019 Distinguished Alumnus Award
  • Dr. Mark Drangsholt – Jonathan Ship Lecture Award
  • Dr. Stuart Taylor – Director, American Board of Oral Medicine
  • Drs. Mark Drangsholt (Group Chair – Future of Oral Medicine), David Dean (Assistant Reviewer – Pediatric Oral Medicine), Jasmine Olson (Resident Observer) took part in WWOM VII in Gothenburg, Sweden
  •  Drs. David Dean, Mark Drangsholt, Mark Schubert, and Edmond Truelove – Seattle Met Magazine Top Dentists (4 out of 5 recognized in the specialty of Oral Medicine)
  • Dr. Sumeia Werfalli (Post-Grad) – AAOM Abstract presentation: Whole Saliva and Residual Mucosal Saliva in Patients with Burning Mouth Syndrome: A Case-Control Study (*Sumeia Gamal Werfalli, Mark Drangsholt, Michael Martin, Linda LeResche)
  • Dr. Eyad Nusayr (First year resident) – AAOM Research Advancement Committee Oral Medicine Resident’s Research Award – Inflammatory modulators of central sensitization in fibromyalgia and temporomandibular disorder: a pilot study (*Eyad Nusayr, Michele Curatolo, Mark Drangsholt, Linda LeResche),
  • Dr. Eyad Nusar (First year resident) - Using Low Dose Doxycycline to Treat Oral Lichen Planus (*Eyad Nusayr, Dr. Michael Martin)
  • Dr. Priyanka Raiyani (First year resident) – AAOM Poster Presentation - Management of Burning Mouth Syndrome with Palatal Stents (Priyanka Raiyani, Mark Drangsholt & Edmond Truelove).


  • Dr. Rolf Christensen – Dental Director, Mountain West AIDS Education Training Center.
  • Dr. David Dean - Medical Director, Oral Medicine Service, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
  • Dr. Ashland Doomes - Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Nicholas Sotak – Affiliate Instructor 

More announcements:

  • Dr. Edmond Truelove - Retirement/Professor Emeritus status (July 1, 2019) – Founder of the Oral Medicine department at UW (1972), Chair of Department (1972-2010), Chief of Clinical Services (2010-present).
  • Dr. Linda LeResche - Retirement/Professor Emeritus status (July 1, 2019) – Professor & Associate Dean for Research (began at UW in 1983).
  • Dr. Mark Schubert - Retirement/Professor Emeritus status (March 1, 2019) – Professor & Founder/Medical Director of Oral Medicine Service at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (began at UW in 1975)
  • Dr. Earl Sommers – Retirement/Professor Emeritus status (July 1, 2019) – Clinical Associate Professor (began at UW in 1972)

Information provided by Dr. David Dean