Nominate an Oral Medicine Specialist for an AAOM Award

The time has come to recognize those members of the Academy who have made a significant contribution of their time and energy to AAOM. The Honorary Awards and Fellowship and Awards Committee has asked members to take a moment to complete this nomination form for the following awards (all to be a presented at the 2014 annual meeting):

  • Abraham Reiner Diamond Pin Award
  • Samuel Charles Miller Award
  • Herschfus Memorial Award
  • Honorary Fellowship
  • Honorary Membership

The history of the awardees through the years can be found here.

Please submit one form per person, per award and return to the AAOM office no later than Friday, December 21, 2012. Dr. Michaell Huber, Chair of the Honorary Fellowship and Awards Committee, will review all nominations to present to the Board at the Spring Board of Trustees meeting.