Honorary Fellowship

Criteria and Requirements for Honorary Fellowship

  • Nominations for Honorary Fellowship in the Academy must be made to the Honorary Fellowship and Awards Committee by two (2) members, a Proposer and Seconder, or by the Committee itself.
  • Each nomination will be reviewed by the Committee after all data relating to the nominee is received.
  • Consideration of all applications will be made on the basis of outstanding accomplishments in each of the following areas:
    • Service in at least three of the following: teaching, lectures, clinics, research, publications, community health activities, practice, hospital affiliations or knowledge based on certification.
    • Service to the Academy, such as National Officer, member of Board of Trustees, Committee Chair, or other outstanding services at the national level.
    •  Membership in the Academy for at least eight (8) years.
  • No more than two (2) Honorary Fellowships each year shall be proposed. Election by the General Assembly to Honorary Fellowship must follow nomination by the Fellowship and Awards Committee and approval by the Board of Trustees.