AAOM Webinar — COVID-19 Saga on Clinical Dentistry: A Panel Discussion with Dr. Scott De Rossi, Dr. Cristiano Susan, and Dr. Kevin Cain

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Thank you for joining us on Zoom meetings for a panel discussion with Dr. Scott S. De Rossi, Dean UNC Adams School of Dentistry and his team: Dr. Cristiano Susin, Chair, Division of Comprehensive Oral Health, and Dr. Kevin Cain, Executive Vice Dean and Chief Operating Officer.

Event Details

Wednesday, July 1
9:00 am PT via Zoom

Registration Fee

This webinar is being offered at no charge by AAOM. 

Program Agenda

  • Current unforeseen challenges [with PPE availability, infrastructure in the prevention of cross-contamination/aerosol contamination], 

  • Towards safer dental care - challenges in implementation 
  • Systems re-engineering in the delivery of oral and dental care

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Scott De Rossi  
Dr. Cristiano Susin  
Dr. Kevin Cain