Spring Issue

Table of Contents

  1. Message from the Immediate Past-President

  2. Presidents' Message

  3. List of 2018 Officers, Diplomates, and Awards

  4. Photos of the 2018 AAOM Meeting
  5. Recertification of Diplomates

  6. Scott De Rossi - Oral Medicine and IPE

  7. Annual ADEA 2017

  8. A Personal Story: “A New Diplomate in Illinois”

  9. Announcements

Editor: Juan Bugueno

Co-editor: Milda Chmieliauskaite

Editor Emeritus and Copy Editor: Michael Krakow

Message from Immediate Past-President
Dr. Miriam R Robbins

Dear Colleagues:

I want to thank you again for the honor of serving as your President for this past year. Thanks to our supportive SBI management team led by our peerless ED Michele Reeder, a committed EC and BOT and hard-working committees under the leadership of outstanding chairs, this year has allowed us to establish a solid foundation to facilitate the continued growth and ongoing evolution of the Academy. One of my stated goals was to develop strategies to bring oral medicine to a wider audience. This year saw the publication of two new clinician’s guides and several new clinical practice statements, the establishment of the Affiliate Fellowship and reworking of the Academic Fellowship, an increased public presence across multiple social media platforms and an improved website. There was also the creation of a joint ABOM/AAOM task force charged with developing a white paper to look at ways to enhance strategically the discipline of oral medicine by capitalizing on the benefits of specialty recognition for both Diplomates as well as for the AAOM membership as a whole. Registered attendees from 22 countries and the highest number of registered students enjoyed our exceptional annual meeting ever. This is a good start but we must continue to attract an increasingly diverse membership across different professions, both nationally and internationally. 

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Message from the President
Dr. Eric T. Stoopler

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve as President for the next year (actually, 13 months!). To have the privilege to represent the AAOM, an organization comprised of professionals who do such important work, is truly what makes this honor so meaningful to me. I extend my sincere thanks to Immediate Past-President Miriam Robbins for her leadership this past year, and to Executive Director Michele Reeder and the SBI staff for their dedicated work. Thank you to the members of the Executive Committee, Board of Trustees and AAOM Committees for their tireless efforts on behalf of the Academy. 

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List of the 2018 AAOM Officers, Diplomates, and Awards 

President: Eric T Stoopler
President-Elect: Lauren Patton
Vice-President: Andres Pinto
Secretary: Vidya Sankar
Treasurer: Nathaniel Treister
Assistant Treasurer: Kentaro Ikeda
Assistant Secretary: Carol Anne Murdoch Kinch
Past President 2016-2017: Wendy Hupp
Immediate Past President 2017-2018: Miriam Robbins
Executive Director: Michele Reeder 

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Photos of AAOM Meeting

2018-2019 AAOM officers taking the oath. From left to right: Patty Greenberg, Patti Rhodus, Drs. Kentaro Ikeda, Carol Anne Murdoch Kinch, Vidya Sankar, Nathaniel Treister, Andres Pinto, Lauren Patton, and Eric T. Stoopler

2018-2019 AAOM President. Dr. Eric T. Stoopler giving his inaugural speech as the new AAOM President


Members of the 2018 AAOM Board of Trustees 

Presidential Awards Banquet. From left to right: Drs. Jim Cade, Cesar Migliorati, Peter Lockhart, and Rajesh Lalla 

Presidential Awards Banquet. From left to right: Drs. Lujain Homeida, Dalal Alomar, May Alsenani, Anwar Almuzaini, and Dalal Alhajji

 Dr. Sunday Akintoye giving his Herschfus Memorial Award speech acceptance

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Recertification of Diplomates

As prepared by the American Board of Oral Medicine (ABOM):

This summary is provided as the follow-up to the March 2018 message to Diplomates, as well as the in-person discussion at the April 12, 2018 Diplomate’s Luncheon.

Additional details will be posted on the Diplomate’s website in June of this year, in order to initiate the first cycle of the recertification process through December of this year.

As discussed at the Diplomate’s Luncheon, recertification processes are an essential component for specialty recognition and have been utilized by other recognized dental and medical specialties for many years.  

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Oral Medicine and IPE: Time for Leadership
Dr. Scott S. De Rossi, DMD, MBA

There are numerous challenges facing dental education. In fact, as Dean of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry, I can assure you that the list gets bigger by the day. However, one of the most pressing issues for our dental profession and one where our American Academy of Oral Medicine can play a leadership role is in inter-professional education (IPE) and collaborative practice (CP). The reality is that the traditional pre-doctoral dental curriculum will be woefully inadequate if it is not already. IPE will prevail and there is no better group to champion this than oral medicine specialists. 

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Annual ADEA Survey of Dental School Seniors: 2017 Graduating Class
Dr. Juan Bugueno, DDS, MS, DABO

The last issue of the Journal of Dental Education (May 2018) published an interesting article titled Annual ADEA Survey of Dental School Seniors: 2017 Graduating Class. Tanya Wanchek, Bryan J. Cook, and Richard W. Valachovic. Journal of Dental Education May 2018, 82 (5) 524-539. This survey is conducted by the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) each year and is applied to dental school seniors from the USA. 

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A Personal Story "A New Diplomate in Illinois" 

I graduated from Pharos University of Alexandria, Egypt in 2011. I practiced as an intern in my hometown, Alexandria, for three months and then went on to complete an internship year at King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. During that year, I found myself curious at how the oral, systemic, and mental health of my patients affected their oral cavities. Therefore, I went on to pursue a residency in oral medicine in 2013 at the University of Washington, Seattle. I loved the detective work needed to match the symptoms with the right diagnosis. It was satisfying to witness patients in tears of relief because they were learning about their conditions for the first time after years of searching. During the program, I learned to communicate with patients regarding a diverse range of conditions including oral cancer screening, management of oral lesions/manifestations of systemic disorders, salivary gland disorders and halitosis, orofacial pain and TMD, fabricating dental sleep apnea appliances and participating in an emergency as well as special care dentistry.

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AAOM 2018 Fall CE Course

European Association of Oral Medicine, Meeting in September 2018

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