Frederick Locke, MD

Dr. Locke is a physician and translational investigator specializing in the treatment of lymphoma and multiple myeloma in the Department of Blood and Marrow Transplantation at Moffitt. He is focused on developing strategies to promote T cell responses against tumor associated antigens for patients with these diseases and is the principal investigator for multiple cellular immunotherapy trials. He is a lead investigator for three national multi-center phase I/II studies treating aggressive lymphoma patients with anti-CD19 CAR T cells and the site PI of a randomized multi-center trial testing infusion of tumor (marrow) infiltrating lymphocytes for multiple myeloma. Dr. Locke's translational research evaluates T cell responses against tumor associated antigens and neoantigens in myeloma patients. His findings justified a trial evaluating the biological activity of a unique Moffitt created survivin dendritic cell vaccine using a novel schedule in conjunction with autologous transplant. That trial is now enrolling patients. Dr. Locke is the chair of the Moffitt Cellular Therapy Advisory Committee and the chair of the Moffitt Immunotherapy Working Group. In addition he is director of research and the service chief for Moffitt's Immune and Cellular Therapy (ICE-T) program, which was created to provide specialized care of high risk immunotherapy and cellular therapy patients.