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It is that time again when AAOM members are asked to renew their membership for 2017.

AAOM sincerely appreciates your membership and we hope you will renew your membership with us. We understand that belonging to an association is a personal decision and we believe that the strength of our Academy is ultimately based on the quality and camaraderie of our membership and your participation is important to us. You can renew your membership by signing into your member profile and filling out the online renewal form: renew your 2017 AAOM membership.

If you did not renew your membership in 2016, we'd still like you to be a member! Fill out the expired membership renewal form to renew your membership for 2017. 

Lastly, please consider making a donation to the Academy. A donation to one of the several lectures, scholarships, and other educational programs is another way to offer support. Here are some of the donation opportunities: Award & Endowment, Jonathon A. Ship Scholarship, OTOD, Sponsor a Resident, and the Sol Silverman Jr. Lecture. You can make a donation by completing the last page of the renewal form. Without your help, we would not be able to pursue our mission and programs. Thank you for your donation to AAOM.