AAOM Announces New Member Benefit: Mentorship Program

AAOM is pleased to announce a new benefit of membership, the AAOM Mentorship Program. This new benefit is available now to members of AAOM. 

AAOM recognizes that mentorship is critical in helping to nurture and grow future leaders, and that a mentorship program is a key opportunity to engage new and existing members.

The AAOM Mentorship Program seeks to establish mentoring relationships between early-career AAOM members (Mentees) and professionally-established AAOM members (Mentors). Mentors will have opportunities to further develop leadership skills and learn about emerging trends from the next generation of their peers. Mentees will gain a trusted advisor and learn methods to enhance career advancement.

AAOM invites professionally-established members to apply to participate as a Mentor. Mentee opportunities are currently being offered to Regular and Affiliate members only. 

Mentorship is a vital tool for professional development and has been associated with greater productivity, career advancement, and professional satisfaction. For more information and to apply to be a Mentor or Mentee, please visit the AAOM Mentorship Program webpage.

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