Silverman lecture: HPV, immunity and head and neck cancers: more than just casual friends

Emerging evidence has implicated HPV in an increasing number of head and neck cancers. The role of immunity in the natural history of HPV infection of the head and neck and in its carcinogenic potential is a clinically significant and promising field of investigation supported by the innovative research presented in this talk.

Learning objective:

  1. Review the well-established role of HPV in carcinogenesis and the emerging understanding of its contribution to head and neck cancers.
  2. Provide an overview on the role the immune system plays in the natural history of HPV infection with emphasis on the head and neck region
  3. Discuss emerging trends in HPV associated head and neck cancer research and clinical protocols inclusive of HPV vaccination.

Sara Pai, MD, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School


Herve Sroussi, DMD, PhD and Nita Wu, DMD, MPH, MS, PhD