Meet the Research Expert Session

The Meet the Research Expert session is designed to highlight and explore the state-of-the-science and research opportunities relevant to key areas within the field of Oral Medicine. Conference attendees will pre-register for two 45 minute sessions, with final session assignments provided upon checking in on site at the conference. As space for each Expert session is limited, please only attend the sessions for which you are assigned. This is a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field so please come prepared with questions!

Table Number

Research Subject Area

Lead Faculty Participant


Antibiotic prophylaxis in the medically complex patient

Peter Lockhart


Immune-mediated mucosal disease

Tom Sollecito


Orofacial pain

Mark Drangsholt


Oral complications of cancer therapy

Douglas Peterson



Potentially malignant and malignant oral mucosal disease

Sook Bin Woo


Salivary gland dysfunction

Michael Brennan


Clinical trials/clinical epidemiology/evidence based dentistry-systematic reviews

Lauren Patton



NIDCR research funding opportunities & clinical research modeling

Jane Atkinson